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Two Storage Tips To Avoid Common Problems

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The moving process can be extremely complicated and disruptive. Not surprisingly, it can be common for individuals to feel somewhat overwhelmed during this process. This can be especially true when individuals find that they will need to store some of their possessions during this process, because this can add more steps to your move. To help you be better prepared to avoid some routine oversights, you should make it a point to keep the following storage tips in mind.

Opt For Climate Controlled Storage

Moving can be a remarkably expensive endeavor, and it is not surprising that there are any people that will want to minimize these expenses at every turn. To this end, individuals may make the error of choosing a standard storage unit for some of their more sensitive possessions, such as electronics, furniture and artwork.

Unfortunately, these storage units can experience drastic changes in humidity and temperature. These changes can cause severe damage to these items. In order for you to avoid these problems, you should always opt for a climate controlled unit. These units have special climate control systems that can allow you to set the temperature and humidity, which can make this type of storage unit worth more than the additional cost.

Protect Your Possessions Against Dust Accumulations

While your possessions are being stored, you should make sure to take some basic steps to prevent dust accumulations from forming. These accumulations can lead to musty odors, discoloration and other issues for your possessions. When protecting these sites against dust, you should keep any items that are not in boxes covered with a cloth sheet. This sheet will intercept dust particles before they can settle on your possessions.

Items that are in boxes should always have the lid securely in place while in the storage unit. When choosing boxes, you may be tempted to opt for plastic ones, but this may not be wise as the poor ventilation inside plastic boxes can cause condensation to form. Interestingly, this can even occur if you are using a climate controlled unit as the air inside the plastic container may contain moisture rich air from your home or outside. By using cardboard boxes, you can help ensure that your items are properly ventilated. In instances where your possessions are too heavy for a cardboard box, you will want to make sure that you drill a few small holes in the lid of the plastic box. This will improve the ventilation inside the box, which can minimize the risk of damage occurring.

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