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Doing A Huge Remodel Of Your Living Room? Put Furniture In A Storage Unit

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The living room is often the largest room in your house. As a result, you may have furniture that would just not fit in any other room. So, when you plan a large and time-consuming remodel for your living room, you need to find a place for everything to go, and a storage unit is the perfect solution.

Television Stand

The main thing that you need to consider with storing a television stand is the material. If it is hardwood, then you will want to go through a few extra steps to ensure safe storage. Polishing is crucial to avoid dried wood that you would not notice happening in the unit over the course of your remodel. The rest of storing is fairly simple, but you do want to avoid covering it in plastic, which can lead to moisture damage.


If you do not have any room for using your living room television elsewhere, then you should put it in storage. Keeping the original box can make it a lot easier to store your television safely. But, if you do not have it anymore, you should get into contact with local home improvement stores and electronics stores to see if they have any oversized boxes that you can use for storing your television.

Depending on the box size, you may need to remove the television stand. But, if there is enough room, you can just keep it on and use that as your method for keeping it level inside the box. You will then want to fill it up with packing peanuts or air bags that will protect it from impacts with other items. Since the box will likely be cardboard and moisture can lead to issues, a climate controlled storage unit is a necessity.

Area Rug

Rugs are a common thing to have in a living room, especially with tile or hardwood floors. These items can cause quite a bit of trouble for you and your storage unit if you do not prepare them for storage. The first thing you need to do is thoroughly clean the rug to get rid of anything that could attract pests. Although you will find some places that fold rugs, this can lead to unnecessary wear and tear with crease lines that you may not be able to fix. So, the better alternative is to condense it by rolling it up. For most rugs, you should keep the pile on the inside when rolling as it is more sensitive to damage.

By following these tips, you can enjoy your new living room with well-preserved furniture. Click here for more information.