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Space Saving Tips For Packing A Storage Unit

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When you are putting your things in a self-storage unit, you should use as many space saving tips as possible, so you don't waste any space in the unit. This may make it possible for you to go with a smaller sized unit, which can save you some money on your storage fees. Follow at least some of the ideas provided here to save space in your storage unit.

Use the same sized boxes

Choose boxes that are large enough to fit many items, but small enough that you can still handle them. You want as many of your boxes as possible to be the same size, so you can pack the storage unit in a uniform manner, instead of trying to fit everything in there like a puzzle.

Don't leave empty space in the boxes

Leaving empty space in any box is a waste and it can make it so the box will be more susceptible to crushing. Also, leaving space wastes space and this means you'll need to use more room in the unit. If you end up putting something heavy into a box, such as books, and you can't fill it all the way without making it too heavy then you can still fill it all the way. You'll just want to put light weight items in the rest of the box.

Use vacuum sealed storage bags

Thick quilts, stuffed animals and throw pillows are a few examples of items that can take up a lot of space. These items can instead be put into a vacuum sealed bag so they don't take up as much. You will pack the bag and seal it. Then, use your vacuum hose to suck the air out of the bag and the items inside of the bag. Now, you will end up with a small bag that you can easily fit into small, unused areas.

Put the large items in the back

By putting large pieces of furniture and bigger appliances along the back wall, you can stack lightweight items on them. This way, you can pack the rest of the unit with the boxes in a uniform way without worrying about fitting your items around these bulkier and often odd shaped pieces.

Now that you know how to save space in your self-storage unit, you won't have to worry about paying for extra space that you actually don't need.