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3 Additional Charges That May Impact Your Final Moving Bill

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Planning on hiring a local moving company to facilitate your move to a new residence? A professional mover typically offers an easy and hassle-free moving solution, but you have to be aware of additional charges that may be included in your final moving estimate. Here is a list of some extra moving charges that may apply depending on the circumstances of your move so you can plan for them in advance and avoid going over-budget. 

Specialty movers

This charge may apply for moving items that need a professional other than the mover. For instance, if you own a piano, it may require special packing and transportation by an expert piano mover to avoid damage. Other experts may be called in to unplug and package appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators for the move and reconnect them at your new residence, so you need to ask your mover if there are any third-parties who will participate in your move.

It is usually important to let the mover know if you have items that may require special preparation or transportation so they can recommend you an expert who can offer the required service so you can negotiate a fair price directly with them. 

Shuttle service

This charge usually applies if the main moving truck cannot access your residence, so your belongings have to be first packed into a smaller truck. This is often the case if your residence has a narrow entrance that a moving truck cannot fit into or if there is an obstacle blocking your main entrance on the day of the move.

Be sure to talk to your mover about accessibility to your home and find out if you will have to pay extra if a smaller truck will be needed to reach your home. You should also ensure that any obstacles to your home are removed before moving day to help avoid this charge. 

Elevator carry

Most moving companies will charge this fee if your goods have to be moved through an elevator, either at your current home or new residence. This fee will often apply if you live or are moving into a walk-up apartment or high-rise condo where the movers will have to take extra time to load and unload an elevator to get your belongings to your home. However, not all movers charge this fee, especially if they charge by the hour, so be sure to shop around and see if you can avoid this charge. 

For more information, contact local moving companies. You can also look at this web-site to learn more about moving services in your area.