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Different Options For Keeping Your Belongings Safe In A Storage Unit

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When it comes to storing your belongings away from home, you need to know they are secure. For this reason, it is imperative to take certain safety precautions to help prevent them from being stolen.

Unit Location

When looking for a storage unit to rent, you need to pay attention to location of the unit. Choosing an adequate spot within the facility is just one way of keeping would-be thieves from wanting to break into it.

For example, units located beneath a light, around a security camera or next the manager's office are all good locations. Other desirable spots are near a gate or units that are visible from the road. The idea is to choose a location that makes your unit very noticeable to the security system or the general public, because this is what makes your unit undesirable to rob.

Lock Type

Another security aspect to consider is the type of lock you choose for your storage unit. It is important to choose a model that makes a thief want to bypass it. The idea is to choose one that takes time and patience to get past, which are two aspects that most thieves want to avoid.

A disk or shrouded lock is one option because the shackle at the top is harder to cut with a pair of bolt cutters. The reason for this is that most of the shackle goes into the base of the lock when you close it. Additionally, the base of the lock is generally thicker and the tumblers are usually pick-resistant.

Another option is a hidden shackle lock, which is a model that allows the base to encompass the shackle completely, which means a thief cannot use a bolt cutter to break it. To release these locks without a key, you need to hit the lock with a heavy object and this creates a lot of noise.

Access Control

Since padlocks are not impervious to damage, you also want to know who has access to the storage property. You want to look for locations that have gates that require a keycard or a pin code to open from the outside and inside of the facility.

You want to pick a location that prevents people from climbing the fence and hitting the gate button from the inside of the property. If the thief needs a card or code to enter and exit, that property makes it much harder for them to access without getting caught.

When choosing a storage facility for your belongings, you need to consider the security features the location has and the different steps you can take to protect your items. By taking the time to do this, you have a better chance of making sure your unit is not broken into.