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Packing And Storing Geotrax To Extend The Fun

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GeoTrax train sets by Fisher Price are awesome for something to do during quality time with your kids. Unfortunately, those train sets are rather expensive, take up a lot of space and the kids lose interest in them after a little while. Luckily, once you store the sets away for a little while, your kids will express the same excitement they first did when you bring it back out of storage. Here, you will find a few tips to help you store them in a way that will keep them in great shape until you are ready to get them out and play again.

Remove the Batteries

You probably know how many batteries it takes to keep these little trains chugging. Before you store the trains, remove the batteries from the controllers and the trains. This will do two things – protect the units from damage if the batteries were to leak, and preserve the charge in the batteries. Store the batteries in a plastic bag separate from the toys so they are handy when you need them but won't put the toys at risk.


If you have multiple sets, you have tons of pieces that need to be organized. Organizing before you put them in storage will make setting them up much easier for you. You have two options – store the sets together or store the tracks in one box, the buildings in another and the trains, people and accessories in another. How you organize them will depend on how you play with them – do you play with one set at a time, or do you build a giant track with everything that you have?


Packing everything properly will prevent the tracks and buildings from being cracked as you transport them and the trains from getting scratched and damaged.

  • Wipe everything down real quick with a damp cloth and wait for it all to dry completely.
  • Bundle the tracks together and hold them together with large rubber bands.
  • Wrap them in tissue paper for a little protection and place them in a box neatly.
  • Tuck the buildings into the box carefully as they can crack if you stack too much on top of them. If you are concerned about hollow structures cracking under pressure, stuff newspaper inside them to provide extra support.
  • Label the boxes with the contents so you can easily find what you need when you need it.


Store the playsets in an area that is cool, dry and out of the sun. If you don't have such an area in your home, a small storage unit will do perfectly, like those at Colfax West Self Storage. When putting your boxes in the storage unit, put a wood pallet on the concrete before setting the boxes down. The boxes will wick the moisture out of the concrete and expose the toys inside to damaging moisture.

Don't stack the boxes too high or they could fall or put too much weight on the boxes at the bottom of the pile. If you have that many boxes, investing in a portable shelving unit is a wise investment.

Note – If you live in a climate with extreme high and low temperatures, find a storage facility that offers climate-controlled units. This will prevent the plastic from becoming frail and the metal components from rusting.

GeoTrax sets can last many, many years if you take care of them and your kids will remain interested in them each time they are brought out of storage for play. When they don't love them any longer, you have toys that hold great resale value in good condition that you can sell to buy things that your kids love at that time.