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Moving 101: Five Helpful Tips For Labeling Your Boxes

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When most people think of moving long distances, they think of chaos and stress. While moving is certainly difficult, you can make it easier. One of the ways to improve your move is to be organized and label your moving boxes. If you don't know where to start, don't worry. These five tips will have you labeling your moving boxes like a professional:

1. Label Immediately

One of the most important tips is to label your boxes immediately. Now this might sound like a no-brainer, but it is often overlooked. Even if you wait five minutes, you might forget what is in the box. Even worse, you might label it wrong. So always label your boxes immediately after you seal them up, or perhaps even as you add different things to the box!

2. Hide Old Labels

If you are re-using moving boxes, you might notice that they are already labeled. This can be extremely confusing, especially if you are packing away items that don't fit the label. Fortunately, you can remedy this pretty easily. All you need to do is place a sticker label over the old one. Write your new destination for the box and its new contents on it and you're done.

3. Color Code

Another helpful tip is to color code your boxes. You can do this with colored markers, colored tape, or colored labels. It might sound a little over-the-top, but color coding can be very helpful. Color coding can help you organize your entire move, as you can easily group boxes together. You'll also be able to easily identify the boxes, as you won't need to actually read the label.

4. Be Detailed

Being detailed in your labeling can also help make your move easier. This will help you know the exact contents of each box. You can do this by writing down the contents on the box itself for super-simple organization. Alternatively, write down the contents of each box in a notebook with a number next to it. Just make sure to put the number on the box as well so that you can easily locate it.

5. Use Quality Markers

Finally, make sure that you use quality markers to label your boxes. Ideally, you should use permanent markers. This is because permanent markers won't fade or run, which is very important for long distance moves. Additionally, try to find markers in a variety of colors and thicknesses; as this can help make labeling and organizing your boxes easier.

Labeling your moving boxes might seem simple, but many people don't do it properly—and this makes moving very stressful and chaotic. Fortunately, these tips can help make labeling your boxes easy and quick. With properly labeled boxes and a professional moving company like Men On The Move, you can make your move easy—and maybe even enjoyable.