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Trying To Manage A Move In A Hurry? What To Know To Prevent Dilemmas

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If you are planning a move unexpectedly and you have to get from your current house to a new house you haven't found yet, a professional moving company is going to be an ally. There is a lot that goes into moving residences in a short amount of time, especially when you have to sell a house and buy a house. With expert movers, you don't have to worry about the labor or hassles of the move. Here are a few things to get planned in advance before moving day.

Storage Options

Are you unsure when you can get into your new space, and if you'll have enough time after selling your current space to find a new residence? If you don't, you'll want to make sure that the moving company is willing to take the items to a storage facility, or ideally they will have their own facility, like at Father & Son Moving & Storage. Some large moving companies will hold your items in a truck, or a mobile moving unit on the property for an additional fee, until you are ready to move into your new space.


Many moving companies have an insurance coverage that they offer when you hire them, but this may only be a fraction of the value of your belongings. You can't just trust that they will have you covered, and instead you want to look into getting your own coverage. Have your property assessed and valued, and make sure you have a policy to cover the cost to replace every item.

Full Service Plan

Know the specific details of your full service plan. You need to know if they are going to custom wrap all your breakables, if they are going to unload the truck to the easiest location or into the rooms where the items need to go. You don't want to end up with all of your items in the foyer of your new house, or with items that weren't bubble wrapped because you didn't pick the right package.

If you are trying to manage a move and you are in a hurry, do your research and find a moving company that will do all the busy work for you, so you can concentrate on the other things going on with the move. Make sure that you look into these different specific details so you don't run into an unexpected dilemma throughout the moving process or at your new living space.