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How To Use Your Self-Storage Unit For Your Growing Family

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Keeping baby clothes and accessories for future children is a great way to save money, but it can also lead to a lot of clutter in your home. A self-storage unit provides the space you need to organize your items for easy accessibility. Here are just a few ways to put your self-storage facility to use for your growing family.

Organize By Age

Place freestanding shelving units along one wall in the storage space. Dedicate each unit to a general age range, such as 0 to 6 months, and label each shelf to reflect the items stored there. Be sure to also place a label on each unit to show the age range of the items being stored there. When your child reaches each age range, you can visit the storage unit to remove the items needed for that age.

Build Clothing Storage

You can add dowel rods to each shelving system to hang clothes. Cover the clothing with garbage bags or garment bags to keep the clothing free from dust, and keep the hangers on the clothing so it can be easily transferred to each child's closet when they are ready for them. You can also add hanging shoe racks to the dowel rods to organize sandals and shoes for convenient access.

Create Room For Large Items

Reserve the space in the center of the storage unit for large items, such as high chairs, bouncy seats and playpens. Cover each item in plastic to protect them from dirt and dust, and place a label on each cover to identify the items when you need them. Consider placing a mat on the floor where these items will be stored to define the area where the items will be organized in the storage unit.

Use The Ceiling For Storage

You can hang cables and wire across the ceiling of the unit for additional storage. Hang toys, such as tricycles and scooters, from the wires using S-hooks. If your storage unit does not have a way to secure cables to the ceiling, be sure to ask for permission before adding any hardware to the unit.

Storage facilities provide ample room for all your children's items. As one child grows out of toys, clothing and accessories, place them in the storage space until the next child is ready for them. Use these organization tips to help you keep the space organized so you can find your items quickly.